Cheers to a new decade, new beginnings and a new ME!

After three weeks of daring adventure, I can safely say that I’ve returned with a new ME! My recent trip to my homeland (Karachi, Pakistan) was quite a risky undertaking but what I have learned and gained during that time made the entire trip worthwhile – from each and every encounter to the family bonding to the spirit of human kindness.

2011 will hold an abundance of surprises for me and I’m so ready for them! As I walked in to the New Year on the night of my arrival from Karachi, I knew that this year was going to be full of new beginnings. Instead of “bringing the baggage” with me, I will stay focused in the here and the now, my happiness and my family’s joys. I will enjoy all of my talents to the fullest that I have abandoned in the past. I will allow myself the R & R that I deserve. I consider myself beyond lucky to be in a profession that I am so passionate about and continue to work with such amazing people. I am already making the right choices that are bringing the right results. And most of all, I feel absolutely great!

The transformation of me into a unique individual, an even more courageous woman is remarkably refreshing. I am so excited to see where I will be in a year from now. There is a lot to accomplish and many more opportunistic challenges ahead with rewarding experiences that I anxiously await. The New Year is about the evolution of me and I owe a great deal of gratitude to a very dear friend for showing me the way, the light.

Today, I thank God for each and every moment of happiness that I have been greeted with along my journey. May the New Year bring my family and friends the peace and prosperity that they desire.


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