You are young if you believe it!

I spoke with a friend briefly today on staying young at heart. Although I’ll be one year down soon and quickly approaching my inevitable 40, I want to merely affirm what I believe one can do to stay youthful regardless of their age. These positive statements will forever remind me and others that “you are never too old.”  

Y – YOU – only you can take care of you – believe in yourself, love your life, rejuvenate your mind, body and soul — treat yourself with a snack, your favorite drink or an outing, do what you love and do it with full commitment, watch a movie, meditate, listen to your inner being and satisfy yourself.

O – OPEN your heart to all the joys of life — embrace your life and the lives of people that surround you…live well, laugh often and love always.

U – UNLEASH your greatness by overcoming fears and negativity — wisdom is achieved with a clear and positive mind. Release the thoughts that hold you back and “talk it out” when you need to.

N – NO pain, no gain — life is full of obstacles that we must conquer in order to gain a better understanding of our purpose in life. You wouldn’t know whether you could do something if you never did it. The failures you face will transform and perfect your life.

G – GET yourself in shape and in good health one step at a time even if it is difficult when you are starting out; you will get tremendous energy by being fit.

Your “young” future is in your hands!


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