Sometimes I…

Sometimes I want to live a life of solitude and escape from my present surroundings but fear how much pain that would cause my loved ones.

Sometimes I want to express the love in my heart but I get so entangled with the perfection of expressing it that I lose touch with it.

Sometimes I want reveal the person that I truly am and how I really feel but worry about failing to meet the expectations of others.

Sometimes I have conversations with a friend confiding things I never imagined to and through the conversations acquire a very different perspective of life.

Sometimes I need to improve my patience and remember that things will happen when they are supposed to happen.

Sometimes I enjoy re-reading the daily spiritual devotions, night after night because they make me a stronger and more loving person.

Sometimes I want to hide myself in the corner of my closet and cry my heart out.

Sometimes I want a comforting hug because then I know that no matter what happens, everything will really be okay.

Sometimes I want to sing to remember all the beautiful memories of my lifetime.

Sometimes I have very good intentions, but fall quite short.

Sometimes I am battling so hard with self-doubt that these feelings cloud my vision and I have to constantly remind myself to refocus on my purpose in life.

Sometimes I want to take care of me and do it all.

Sometimes I spend the entire day contemplating on life’s most perplexing questions.

Sometimes I think too hard and lose myself in grave confusion.

Sometimes I disengage myself from everyone and everything in life only to regroup myself emotionally so that I can end up in a better place.

Sometimes I reminisce about the sweet memories of my younger years and want to start my life over again.

Sometimes I get teary eyed when my daughter reaches a milestone because she is one step closer to becoming a more independent girl.

Sometimes I love that my husband can be so spontaneous and fulfill the little things when I least expect him to.

Sometimes I am shocked with my own mood swings and really wish that I would think before I act which would make some people very happy.

Sometimes I try really hard to make the best out of my relationships with my family members but can’t openly express my feelings to them.

Sometimes I terribly miss my childhood best friend and wish she were close by.

Sometimes when I face the hard truths of life, I discover myself for who I really am and my ever-changing personality.

Sometimes I can be a strong-willed woman and find the strength to push through and conquer whatever undertaking that has left me feeling defeated.

Sometimes I can’t please others just because I want to be me.

Sometimes I have to write to let it all out.

Sometimes I forget that life is not and will not be perfect even when you plan it closely.

Sometimes I wonder when I become the woman I want to be, will I really be surrounded by peace and happiness with the life I’ve chosen to lead?


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