A Letter to Myself

My Dearest Self,

I know that life is somewhat chaotic right now and the fact that there are increasing uncertainties makes it harder to deal with everyday life. It may be difficult to handle your current mixed emotions and juggle the balls in the game of life. Perhaps the situations you are faced with may not seem so favorable. Believe it or not, struggle is a part of everyone’s life. The choices we make when we are struggling help us develop the inner strength to progress and not surrender to defeat.

Sometimes it is hard to wear a brave face when all you want to do is sit and cry. Let it all out…whine, cry, kick and scream at the top of your lungs. You will feel better. Then wipe off your tears and let go of your past grievances. Tomorrow will be another new day and perhaps you will see your struggles in a completely different light.

Struggle was obvious while you were growing up so remember all those times that you courageously grasped the obstacles and allowed yourself the opportunities to achieve great wisdom.

Remember the time when…

…you were demanded by Daddy to move to Montreal, Canada — a whole new world for you. You became very rebellious at the time but when you embarked on your journey, you came to develop some very strong friendships — those that you will never forget and those that changed your life forever.

…Mommy had very strong opinions about your close friendship with your childhood best friend. She feared that you would be influenced by her bad habits. You decided to continue your friendship, stood firm and walked away from peer pressure with your remarkable self-confidence. True friendship knows no bounds; it is unconditional love.

…your grandfather passed away two weeks before your high school graduation and you thought about how you could even make it through the proud moment without him. You were the first grandchild to graduate in the family and he longed so much to see you step into adulthood. You “walked” gracefully on your special day and knew in your heart that he was watching you even though he was not physically there.

…you started your married life and moved away from your family to be with the man in your life. Although you endured the pain of being isolated, you enthusiastically embraced independence.

…you stepped into motherhood and your strong-willed heart desired that your daughter only be breastfed. You abandoned your passionate career and suffered the awfully long nights only to give your daughter the best nutrition during the first two years of her life. The beginning was tough but you made it through with your determined soul despite the insurmountable impediments.

…you battled with your daughter’s innumerable nighttime awakenings and wanted her to establish independent sleeping habits. You helped yourself by reading books after books on this subject and solitarily implemented a successful plan of action.

YOUR choice to overcome these obstacles in your life has made you a braver, stronger, smarter and wiser human being. In the coming days, months and years, you will find that your struggles right now will be worth conquering and will bring you closer to self-realization. So hang in there and know that there is always HOPE — the hope that you will some day find the answers to acheive the peace and happiness that quiets your soul and calms your heart.

YOU will be okay.

Lots of love,



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