Little things that make me happy….

Drinking my Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks made very specifically “my way”

Laying down on the floor with my eyes closed and relaxing with all noises blocked, thinking of the most beautiful place where I’m surrounded by absolute serenity

Watching ducks fly from one side of the lake to another and literally feeling the courage they possess

Seeing my daughter’s face light up with the biggest and brightest smile when I say “yes” to something that she least expects me to allow

Taking a walk down life’s nature trail and just thinking about plain simplicity

Reading old greeting cards and looking at pictures of family and friends — the beautiful memories that make my heart grow fonder

Perusing my very first all hand-made high school scrapbook — oh, how thankful I am for the digital world of scrapbooking!

Expressing gratitude and affection to each person that makes my life even more worthwhile and fulfilling

Sometimes just writing and thinking random thoughts and imagining the most unimaginable things in life which makes life even more fascinating

Falling in love over and over again with my perfect home décor that was “just right” for me

Just hearing the voice of people I care about and even though I may not see them in person, their invisible smile soothes my heart

Swinging very high on a swing at the park only to feel the sweet tickles in my tummy

Laughing profusely as I look at myself in the mirror recalling some of my ridiculously silly moments

Experiencing the magical calmness that the Serenity Prayer brings to my life in many ways and allows me to learn from my mistakes so that I can be more humane

Just knowing that there is a part of God within me and an angel somewhere, somehow walking along with me on my blissful yet unknown journey


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