A Gift Worth Treasuring

She has the heart as vast as the ocean, completely irreplaceable. She loves me unconditionally even when I least deserve it. She has selflessly endured sacrifices, heartache, tears and frustrations since the day I was born. She shows me the daily value of a family’s togetherness. She protects me from all perceivable dangers. She gently caresses my face and kisses away my wounds when I am hurt. She prays for my happiness and bears the pain that I may be experiencing. She still worries more for me than I worry for myself. She is the focal point of my life, the greatest human being in the world — the supreme blessing of God on me. That’s my MOTHER.

There is simply no way that I can thank my mother for everything that she has done for me. There aren’t enough “sorry’s” I can say for all the times I was disobedient and disrespectful to her yet she was still astonishingly patient. Sometimes, I don’t realize but I can be so demanding of my mother and take her for granted. It is hard for children to understand the sacrifices that their mothers make for them. In fact, it is often not until they have their own offspring that they come to understand what their mother really means to them. And then suddenly, everything starts to make sense. 

If it weren’t for my mother, I would not have known what it is like to be a mother. It is from her that I have learned to be tender-hearted, caring and giving to my child, family and friends. I celebrate motherhood today not just because I birthed my daughter, but also because I have had the privilege to mother my four younger sisters. Just knowing that there are some others who admire and respect me other than one of my own is immensely gratifying.  

On this one special day, you can’t make up for all the years of love, care and understanding that your mother has shown you. You spent nine months developing inside your mother when she protected you, communicated with you and out of love, suffered the excruciating pain of labor to deliver you. There is no better way to repay your mother than to pay her some well-deserved respect for giving you the gift of life and an unbreakable bond. No matter what your relationship may be with your mother, you can set aside a few minutes to remember something GOOD about her. Take some time to think about how your mother has shaped your life. Perhaps you will come to understand that in some way she helped you to become the person you are today.

Make this Mother’s Day special for your mom — her love for you is a gift worth treasuring. Take joy in your mother’s presence, mend your relationship with her if it is broken, confide in her, console her and most of all, LOVE her.


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